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In rural areas, women are not encouraged to attend school and instead often become victims of human trafficking and prostitution because of their limited options. They do not have enough opportunities for good careers, which could help break this cycle of injustice towards women in India.
Sai Sparsh offers the following courses to empower women by teaching them essential employment and self-development skills. We wish to empower women to transcend the limits of society so that they can build themselves a better future.

Computer Course

English Speaking Course

Beauty Parlor Courses

Stitching & Sewing Courses

Soap Making Course

Spices & Masala Course

Pickles & Jam Making Course

Handmade Jewelry Course

Cooking Classes

Cake & Baking course

Mobile Repairing course

Dance Class course

General Workshop (Importance in Anyone’s life)

Women can become independent as well as help increase their family income with these professional development skills. We find job opportunities for women thereby preventing them from entering the ring of human trafficking and prostitution.
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