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The journey of the mankind with SAI’S Touch.

100ml Chai

Our Focus

Empowering Women One
Opportunity at a Time


Women in a country like India face many hardships on a daily basis. Especially underprivileged women who lose their principal right to be independent. Therein, we aid and assist these women with ambition who have the desire and determination to achieve their dreams despite their circumstances and past hardships towards:

100ml Chai

An initiative by The SaiSparsh Trust

An initiative by The SaiSparsh Trust, we are an All Women Organization who want to partner with NGOs and Corporates to provide inspiring women who have faced many hardships in their lifetime, a respectable opportunity towards a new and independent beginning. Through this initiative we train them and employ them so that they can earn a secure income and be self-sufficient which is their basic right and we need your support to make this initiative a reality.

As an all-women organization, we are passionate about empowering women and creating a more equitable society. We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of these women and their families. We are committed to this cause and are asking for your support to make this initiative a reality. Join us in this effort to empower women and create a brighter future for all.

The SaiSparsh Trust engages in several charitable activities geared towards empowering children and women in underprivileged communities through various education related camps, certified skill development courses, health camps, medicine and food distribution campaigns, etc.

However, we noticed that this was not a sustainable option. In our initial stages, while working with the trust we understood that empowering them with education and a basic skill set is not enough as there are simply not enough opportunities available to them where they can explore and put their skills to use to earn a respectable income for themselves.

Hence, the need for “100ml Chai” was realized.

The Sai Sparsh Trust focuses on empowering these communities and 100ml Chai creates opportunities for them to earn a respectable and an independent living. This way, we don’t have to depend on any third party sources to offer opportunities to these people who now possess a basic skillset and proper training.

An all women organization partnering with NGOs



Culinary skills, Soft skills, Vocational and Conversational Training


Accommodations, on ground assistance and salaries


Earning a secure independent income of their own


Practical experience without any investment from their end


Providing a respectable opportunity which is their basic right

Computer Course

English Speaking Course

Beauty Parlor Courses

Stitching & Sewing Courses

Soap Making Course

Spices & Masala Course

Pickles & Jam Making Course

Handmade Jewelry Course

Cooking Classes

Cake & Baking course

Mobile Repairing course

Dance Class course

General Workshop (Importance in Anyone’s life)

Women can become independent as well as help increase their family income with these professional development skills. We find job opportunities for women thereby preventing them from entering the ring of human trafficking and prostitution.

Our Approach

100ml Chai


The women are first trained under a 14-day training program where they are exposed to and educated in soft skills training, culinary skills, vocational and conversational training, etc. They are then put in charge of one outlet on a salary basis initially and backed with on ground support and supervision to give them practical experience.


Once these women have considerable work experience and are accustomed to the environment, those who have adapted well are put through a transition phase where they can run the business independently on a profit sharing basis and we will collect a certain percentage of the profit for 12-15 months until the initial investment to set up the outlet has been recovered.


As the final step, the women who have successfully run their outlets independently for these 12-15 months will be offered complete ownership of that particular outlet of the franchise. Nominal franchise charges will be taken and they’ll be given full marketing support increasing the asset value of the business that now they own. Since they will have full control over that outlet of the franchise, they can also choose to sell their business if they deem fit.

This will not only give them safe and secure jobs, it will also provide them with entrepreneurial opportunities in the long run which they can then use to expand their business and/or invest in something new which appeals to them. We plan to provide them with job opportunities to help them achieve self sustainability in the long run and in the end, that is our true mission.

  • An enterprise making corporates much more accessible and therein generating more job opportunities
  • We intend to create a respectable employment initiative for their long term benefit and create entrepreneurial opportunities for them in the long run
  • Making various facilities, utilities, support, essential accommodations etc. available to them
  • Giving them the right exposure, experience and offering a safe environment to them